15 ideas for turning your photos into great presents


With Christmas just around the corner you may be stressing about what to get that person who has everything. A great gift idea for these people is something personal, something that will give them warm fuzzy feelings when they see it. And that thing could contain a photo with a lovely memory attached to it.

Here are some suggestions on how to use your photos to make great presents…(I’ve left out the classic framed photo)

Online goodies

If you’re not a DIY fan then no fear, I’ve made a list of my personal favourite websites and products that you can get some great presents from.


Photobox is great website for online photo presents and is always my go to site for photobooks. Some other great products they offer are:

  • Phone cases
  • Canvass
  • mugs
  • Keyrings

Photo gifts 

Photo gifts is a website similar to Photobox but has a few extra products on offer such as:

  • personalised photo gift tags
  • A candle with your photo on
  • Personalised wrapping paper

Not on the High street

I LOVE not on the high street for unique and personalised presents that also help support small creative businesses. Here are my favourite photo products from this crafters shopping centre.

DIY photo presents

If you’re more of a crafter or don’t want to spend too much money, you may want to try some of the below ideas:

Make your own colouring pages using your photos! 

I actually did this with my own photos to sell at craft fairs. Colouring in has become super popular in the last few years as a great mindfulness and destressing activity. If you know someone that does use colouring in books, then why not make one for them using photos of them!

You can either find a good website to convert your photos into colouring in pages or use photoshop yourself.


Photo letter collage

I found this idea on Pinterest and would love it try it myself one day! Find the tutorial here


Photo pendants 

Similar to a locket necklace, these photo necklaces can be cheaper and they’ll be super impressed that you made it all yourself. You can buy all the materials online or in certain craft stores. There are a few different tutorials on how to make one and I may write one myself as I make them for craft fairs using my photography. But here is one I’ve found in the meantime.


Here is one of my photo pendants.

Photo Keyrings

These are great unisex present that are so easy to make! You can buy a pack of blank keyrings online for only £9 for 100! Thats enough to make presents for everyone! (and if it’s not then you’re too popular..)

Once brought, all you have to do then is print the photos to the size of the keyring, cut them out and insert!

Photo bookmarks

For your bookworm friends you could make them personalised bookmarks. Here’s a great tutorial


I hope this blog post has given you some ideas!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Much love,

Becky x