3 reasons why wedding photography costs so much

The one thing most of us can agree on is that weddings are expensive. With the average couple spending £25,000 on their big day, you may ask why is everything so expensive when it comes to weddings.

I can’t speak on behalf of other expenses such as the venue and dress but being a wedding photographer I can explain why wedding photography costs as much as it does.

The hours of work

Many people think that it’s just the one big day we work for. But no. Photographing an all day wedding and editing the photos can be a full time job for a month. For me, editing is most of the work. The way a photo is edited from just cropping the photo to adding colours can drastically change the impact of a photo. If I’m also doing surreal wedding portraits that adds on another 2 or 3 hours work per photo.

The skill set

Highly skilled wedding photographers can cost a lot, especially when they’ve been doing it for years. When you hire a photographer you’re paying for their skills, their years of experience and their creative style which is unique to every photographer. It can take years for a photographer, as the same with any artist, to build up a unique style that sells.


Most people can agree that cameras don’t come that cheap and definitely not when they’re of professional standards. Starting out as a photographer can really make a dent in your bank balance if you decide to go pro with it. When you book a photographer for your wedding you expect professional standard equipment.


My wedding price packages are worked out by factoring in these areas but I still want to offer a reasonable price as I know how much weddings can cost. All packages can be tailored to suit your needs and fit into your budget!