August’s theme: UNICORNS!

A while ago I joined a group called ‘Life theming’. The ideas is that we pick a theme and explore it throughout that month. In that month you can read books, watch films and do activities related the theme. You can get involved yourself by checking out their website here. Personally I like to look at art and photography based around the theme. I aimed to do a photo each month inspired by the theme and I did start of well by creating a photo around the theme ‘movement’.


Life got a little busy and I took my eye of the ball for a bit but now I’m ready to start a photo of the month based on the chosen themes!

Augusts theme is Unicorns!

When I first heard the theme was unicorns I was in two minds. I love anything magical so I was excited to learn about them but at the same time, how was I going to photograph them?! I turned to art and the origins of the unicorn to help me..


The first thing I do when I’m creativity stuck is to research art to help inspire me. Below are my favourite pieces of unicorn art.

Artwork by RubisFirenos

Artwork by Christopher Lovell


Unknown artist


The history of the unicorn

Recently unicorns have risen in popularity throughout art, clothing and even within food! However the myth of the unicorn dates back to a LONG time ago, it is even mentioned in the bible; Psalms 92:10  “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn”.

Unicorns have been featured in art dating back to the 12th century in sculptures, tapestries and paintings.

In the middle ages the Unicorn was described as a graceful and pure creature who had magical healing powers but could only be captured by a virgin. Upon seeing a Virgin the unicorn would sit by her and fall asleep with his head in her lap. The hunt and the entrapment of the unicorn was used in many paintings. Because of the strong belief that Unicorns had magical powers, people would often sell a Narwhale horn as a unicorn horn.

The unicorn hit a high of popularity in 2016 with everything becoming turned into a unicorn in one form or another by adding bright colours in everything, from drinks to hair styles. You’ll find it hard to go shopping without something having a unicorn print on.

Unicorn hair

Unicorn Hot chocolate

The final photo

Although I do love the new brightly coloured unicorns that seem to be dominating instagram, I wanted to stick with the classical idea of a unicorn. This being a white horse type creature. I set out in search for a plain white horse, luckily I live very close to a farm so it wasn’t hard to find (unlike a unicorn is said to be!) .

For the Unicorn’s horn, I used a photo of a goat’s horn to add a realistic vibe.  Personally there were better ideas I had in mind for this photo but it was pretty impossible without getting closer to the horse (this horse was behind a fence and grass wasn’t enough of a bribe for him to come closer).


Next month’s theme hasn’t been voted for yet but it is between witches (which was my suggestion), flags or allotments. So keep an eye out for September’s photo and blog post!

Happy August! x