Christmas candyland – The making of..

Hello all!

If you’ve been following my work or actually just visited the home page of this site, there’s a good chance you have seen my previous candyland photos. If not here’s another look:


The above one was actually candyland number one. I was pretty happy with it, although it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, which is what lead me to Candyland number 2, the candy palace!


The second candyland took much longer and was generally a little larger, taking up our dining table (much to my family’s annoyance, we couldn’t have anyone to dinner for months..) It also consisted of more sweets (£9’s worth of pick n’ mix!), and more planning of the buildings and candy gardens.

So why a third one? Well my love for all things sweet based hasn’t dampened and my desire to live in a world full of just sweets is still one of my dreams. For that reason, and the fact that I have a few christmas craft fairs coming up was enough motivation for me to make a christmas candyland! The plan was to make a christmas candyland to photograph and put on cards for the fairs, hence why I’ve started a few months away from christmas to give myself enough time for all the making involved.

Anyway that’s enough natter from me, here’s some sneaky photos I took (on my phone, so apologises for naff quality, the final pictures will be very sharp!) while crafting the different parts of the town.



This is the basic net of the gingerbread house, which will be a focal point of the town. 

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The basic gingerbread house shape (without roof)


I used a glue gun to make a window frame then painted them an icing pink colour.


I also put the hot glue around the roof edge to make these icicles then painted them white. (I did get burnt a few times from the dripping hot glue!)



Here I’m making the components of the candy train, beside me are references of christmas trains.


Gingerbread house and candy train so far!


So that’s where I’ve got to so far! Other things I’ll be adding in christmas candyland are:

  • A big christmas tree
  • A sweet merry-go-round
  • more gingerbread houses
  • Snow!

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Craft fair dates to follow!

Thanks for reading!

Becky x