Mental illness photography project- I NEED YOU!


Secret Illness project

If you’re familiar with my photography work, you may know that I use photography a form of therapy for my mental health struggles. For most of my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety and self harm, and I was finally diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder when I was 19.  7 years after this I no longer met the criteria for it and have worked hard with medication, therapy and also photography to recover (as well as support from family and friends). A lot of my personal work was a way of getting out visually how I was feeling.


Now I need your help. If you have every struggled with any mental illness then I would love to hear your story. The aim of this project to collect a range of people’s stories and create a surreal photo based on what they tell me, to ultimately help raise aware of mental illness. My goal would be to hold an exhibition of all the photos with everyone’s stories.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re recovered or not, or if it happened years ago. Everyone’s story is important and may help people feel less alone in their struggle. You can even feature as the model in the photo or I can find someone to model and your story can be confidential.

If you are interested and want your story to become a photo please contact me by email at or on my contact page.


Thank you