Why you need a wedding photographer


Yes! You’re engaged! How exciting… but then you start to think of all the costs of a wedding and you start to panic a bit. Weddings these days can cost an arm and leg, and you may be looking for ways to keep the cost down. You may even think you don’t need a wedding photographer, everyone has a smart phone these days right? While this is true, let me give you some reasons why you need a wedding photographer.

1. The photos will last forever

Unlike most things people buy for their weddings, such as the cake and flowers, the photography will last forever! I would rather have photos that I cherish than an expensive cake (although I do love cake).

2. They know what they’re doing

Well hopefully they do! You shouldn’t just ask a friend who has a good camera to photograph for you because:

  1. Although they have a good camera, this doesn’t mean they know how to use it or how to take a good photo.
  2. Your friend may not want to or they may miss out on actually enjoying the wedding.

3. They suit your style 

Nowadays there is such a large range of wedding photographers with different shooting styles and you can find the right one for you.

4. The photos make a great gift

There’s nothing better than having a family or group photo that you cherish and smile every time you see. Which is exactly why they’ll make great presents for any occasion (maybe thank you presents for that new mother-in-law who is hard to buy for?)

5. You won’t have to worry

If you just relied on a friend or family member to take the photos you may worry that they’re not actually capturing the right things (or anything!) You can rest assured that a wedding photographer (a professional, who you trust) will be capturing everything, even things you weren’t there for! You won’t miss a second of your big day.

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I hope I’ve managed to convince you that hiring a wedding photographer is just as important (if not more!) than any other things you’ll buy for the big day.

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Thanks for reading!

Becky x