Palermo, Sicily


Me and my partner were invited to a wedding in Sicily, and so we turned it into a week long holiday. The first thing I noticed about Palermo is that its surrounded by beautiful mountains and the heat. We went in late june, and although we had a huge thunderstorm the weather was mostly bright and sunny, but always warm.

The Praetorian Fountain




Chris by the cathedral

Epic thunderstorm from our roof top! No photoshopping needed for this!

Palermo Catacombs! If you’re creeped out by skeletons, or you enjoy being creeped out, then definitely make a trip to Palermo’s Catacombs. Its a 30 min walk from the city center and only 3 Euros for entry. It is a small but interesting exhibition.





Abandoned building, unfortunately too secure for us to explore!


View from our Air bnb

Sicilian Food

One thing that kept popping up when I looked at recommendations for Palermo was to do a street food tour. Sicily’s street food is a centuries old tradition, that locals and tourists still love to munch on. There is a wide variety of food, some more appealing then others but all worth a taste! We booked a tour with the highly recommended, Streaty food tours . 

Our lovely tour guild took us around the oldest street market in Palermo which sells fresh fruit, veg, fish, meat, olives and herbs.


If a market stall has a the head of a sword fish on it, it means its a freshly caught one! Fish is very popular in Sicily.

In Palermo Arancina is a popular street food! These deep fried breaded rice balls come with a variety of fillings.  In Palermo they call it arancina, but in other parts of Sicily call it anarcini.


We were given a food passport that was stamped every time we tried something new!


So its not just the French who are into their snails, Sicilians are too! Here they are called Babbaluci

You have to suck on the shell until the snail comes out. Very garlicky in flavor and slimy in texture. Have to admit, they’re not my favorite snack!

Sfincione – This is the Sicilian version of Pizza, which has a thick base, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, onion and a sprinkle of cheese. There are plenty of vendors around the street that sell them.

Pani Ca Meusa which translates literally to ‘Bread with spleen’. The name says it all. I really wasn’t keen on this street food. Its tastes very meaty and its not for the faint hearted.

Pane, Panelle e Crocchè – The flat thing is Panelle, which are fritters made from deep fried chickpea flour. The others are a range of different potato croquets with herbs.

Everyone know that Italy does Gelato well, but it has be eaten to be believed! So tasty




Antica Focacceria San Fancesco – Been in business since 1834! We got the set menu, which is written in italian but we tried our best to translate it. The food was amazing, and cannot find a fault although the service was slow because they are a very busy restaurant which dominates the whole outside square.


Cefalu Beach

Mondello beach is the most popular and closest beach to the Palermo city centre. However our Air bnb host recommended we take a little train ride down to the small town of Cefalu. It takes roughly one hour from Palermo central station and the journey on the train has some beautiful views.


The beach in cefalu was stunning, and the water was so warm and clear. It was quite a busy beach and there are people who come around frequently trying to sell you things. But other than that it’s definitely worth a day trip there!

Thanks for reading!