How to plan a baby shower


If you have seen my facebook page recently (It’s here if you haven’t) you’ll know that my sister is pregnant with her first child and my first Nephew! To celebrate this I thought it would be nice to throw her a baby shower. It is an american tradition but I thought it’s a lovely way for her to celebrate this time with her close friends and family.

Here are the steps I took to planning the event…

Pick a time and place

A fairly straight forward step in the baby shower planning process. I made our shower a lunchtime event as there are children invited and it also meant I don’t have to prepare dinner food, only lunch time snacks! We’re throwing the shower at my sisters house so she doesn’t have to travel.

Sending invites

If you’re a facebook user, creating an event on here may be the easiest way to invite your guests. Another lovely way is to send invites in the post – its rarely done these days but is such a lovely way to receive one! This is one of my favourites I found on Etsy.

Planning the games

A baby shower may have guests invited that don’t know anyone. Games are a great way to get everyone mingling and help break the ice, plus I offered great prizes for the winners! Everyone usually cringes at the words ‘Ice breakers’ but these games I’m about to list are genuinely fun!

#1 . Baby catcher game

This game was super fun and most people wanted to get involved! I brought miniature baby dolls from ebay and handing them out to guests. The aim is that you end up with the most babies by taking other peoples when they put them down. The only rule was that parents of the ‘babies’ couldn’t put them in their pocket!

A very clever girl managed to win by saying she lost her baby so everyone felt bad and gave her theirs!


#2. Guess the baby animals

This is a quiz type of game, that guests can take part in whenever they want throughout the shower. The aim is to correctly name babies of different animals. Below is the quiz I made, please feel free to use it! The only rule: NO GOOGLING!

3#. Place the dummy on the baby

Similar to the game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ – this game just uses a large baby picture and dummy stickers instead. I bought mine from the pound shop, I know, such a bargain! You can get this one or a similar baby shower game online. This one is great for all ages!

4#. Guess the baby food flavour

The name of this game kinda says it all! I brought 4 different flavours of baby food, took the labels of (after I wrote down the flavours!) then numbered them. I then printed a sheet where guests could write their guesses after tasting a little.

Other activities to think about

Finger print poster

This is such a lovely keep sake idea for the parents to be! You can buy these posters online but I drew this tortoise picture as my sister and her partner have a pet tortoise.  On the day, encourage guests to put their fingerprints on the poster with their names.

A letter to the baby…

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was super cute. I created my own templates for people to write a letter to the baby, then printed a load.

Advice for new parents

Another great activity you can get the guests to do, is to share their advice for the new parents! You can also buy advice cards for people to fill in online, or you can make your own.

Organising the food

Once you have an idea of how many people are attending the baby shower you can start to organise the food. I planned the baby shower for the afternoon time / lunch time and wanted to serve sandwiches and nibbles. If you are a little overwhelmed by getting all the food, you could ask guests to bring a dish each which would help you to keep the cost down!


I’ll admit that I sort of forgot about the decorations and brought lots of blue balloons to decorate the house with. There are some lovely decoration ideas online on sites like pinterest and Etsy. If you have a small budget you could make some decorations with help from some online tutorials.

Don’t forget to have fun!

If you are organising the baby shower for someone else, you’re doing a great deed for them! Don’t forget to let yourself have a little fun as well. Treat yourself to a little prize for all the organising you did!


Thanks for reading this, hope you have a great shower!

Becky x