The snow dogs of Brighton

If you live in Brighton it would have been almost impossible for you to miss the large dog shaped sculptures around the town. As they’ve been around for awhile now you may know that they’re in aid of the Martlet’s charity and are designed by local artists and schools.

Being a little bit of an art geek, I fell in love with the idea of catching them all (I’m fully aware they’re not as cool as pokemon). I downloaded the app to track my findings, grabbed my camera (or sometimes just my Iphone) and got hold of the trail map to help me find the pups.

Below are the ones I’ve captured and a little bit about them. The ones that are smaller were taken just with my Iphone because contrary to popular belief we photographers don’t always have our cameras on us (they’re heavier than they look!) and the larger photos were taken with my profess camera when me and my good friend, Grace made a day of snow dog hunting!

Snowdogs by the sea


Designed by Pure Evil (I’m not joking, this is his name) this is a ‘Snowman’s nightmare’.



Deven Bhurke was inspired by a sunny afternoon when he made bright ‘Lola’ here.


Horatio here was the first snow dog I came across and is actually my favourite! I first thought he was a french pooch but it turns out he was made as a tribute to the Brighton swimming club.


GRRRace here is a police detective dog, named after the character ‘Roy Grace’ from the Peter James novel.


‘Newshound’ is inspired by the city’s own newspaper, The Argus. Visit this beauty in Brighton Station.



‘Southdowns dog’



Frank, designed by Jane Anderson shows beautifully drawn scenes of Brighton’s seaside.


Located by the Sea life centre, this pup is decorated to fit his surrounding! ‘Under the sea’ was designed by Lynne Bannon.





Dudley here is a very pretty pooch, standing by St peter’s church.



This beautiful design by Chris Dawson, called ‘Bella’ is up there with my favourites! Shes located outside the Fishing museum on the seafront.


Gizmo here is apparently the best selling of the miniature sculptures! The large version of him is at the level.


Even though I’ve lived in Brighton my whole life, it still seems so beautiful to me.


I just had to take my dog Alfie with me – we found lots of real dogs on our hunt as well as this gorgeous snow dog, Bobby!


The detail by Katherine Griffin on her snow dog ‘Bobby’ is stunning. The design was meant to reflect death and rebirth.


After a long day of walking around Brighton, we treated ourselves to a cheeky ice cream on the beach.


The ‘process pup’


‘Disco Dog’ shining bright on Ship street.




Cute ‘Pebbles’ here is covered in Brighton and seaside themed paintings.


This is the adorable Snowbrador!


I absolutely loved searching for these dogs around my home town, and seeing their creative and beautiful designs. I really hope that the project has raised a great amount of money for the Martlets.

You can buy your own miniature snow dog from the Martlets store on Church street, Blatchington rd or London rd. To donate or shop, see the Martlets website here: