My tips for photographing your dog


I love my dog, Alfie, and I think he’s just the cutest dog ever (don’t we all think that about our dogs?). Because Im photographer I’m always eager to get good photos of him and because I started doing this when he was puppy, he’s become quite the little poser!

‘Can I have my treat now?’

Here are my top tips for photographing your pooch..

Treats are a MUST have

Probably the most effect way to get your dog’s attention is to have treats. I use them mainly to get Alfie to look directly at me, and if I use smelly treats, he won’t look away until I give it to him!

Get someone to hold the treats for you if it’s hard to take a photo at the same time.



Go outside!

Dogs love to be outdoors, and it can give you a great background too. I suggest somewhere with plenty of greenery, and space for your dog to run around off the lead. If your dog can’t be let off the lead, using a garden will work well too.

Being outdoors also gives you the chance to capture a meeting between your and other dog which can be very cute!

This is my Godmother’s dog, Pearl


Dogs love to run! You can almost see a little smile on their face when they run over to you. I LOVE capturing Alfie running towards me, although it can be a struggle to get a good shot as he’s a fast little thing. Doing this shot works best on a sunny day if you’re using a DSLR, as you can then use a higher shutter speed to stop any motion blur.



Nelly, a lovely Lab who me and a boyfriend were on holiday with, just loves to run along the Cornwall beaches.

Show of their eyes

Puppy dog eyes just melt hearts everywhere and it’s one of the best ways to show how cute your dog is. Get your dog to look directly into the lens, giving the viewer a clear look at those big beautiful eyes!

This was a sweet little pug / chihuahua mix puppy we met on a walk. Those are eyes are too cute


Be in the photo with them

Dogs are happiest when they’re with you so why not be in the photo with them? They’re more likely to be relaxed, look natural and feel more comfortable.


Hope you’ve found these tips helpful whether you’re keen to learn photography or just want some lovely photos of your pooch.

Thanks for reading!

Love from me and Alfie x